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About Us

MCAM is the Foreign-Investment Consulting Unit of Colombian law firm MC Enterprise Corporate SAS (Mendoza & Cornejo), offering you the necessary expertise to turn your business vision into reality. We are a bilingual team of international and local experts, specialised in investment consultancy, advising foreign clients on how to leverage their businesses safely and profitably into Colombia.  

Doing business in any new market can seem daunting, but taking a strategic approach and investing in the help of local qualified professionals will ease the process. MCAM will help you to vastly reduce the legal headaches, setup costs and time taken to enter the market. You will gain the experience of seasoned locals with expert local knowledge and contacts, having someone on the ground to always look after your business interests.

Mendoza & Cornejo has considerable expertise in all corporate law areas, providing your business with a comprehensive, efficient and reliable service, tailored specifically to your needs. The firm already acts as a regular advisor to local and international clients in the following industries: manufacturing, distribution, construction, engineering, infrastructure, concessions for oil, gas and mining, energy and power, financial services among many others.

Services offered:

Local Company Registration
Statutory Reforms
Legal Proceedings
Foreign Establishments
Civil and Commercial Contracts
Insurance Legalities
Acquisitions, mergers and divisions of companies.

Have peace of mind and let us help you navigate the complex bureaucratic and legal hurdles so often faced by foreign entrepreneurs in Colombia.


Entering a business in any new market can be a challenge and not only requires good business development – but familiarity with the local laws, customs, language, nuances of the culture, infrastructure and knowledge of the commercial climate. Understanding a business model in one country, doesn’t translate to understanding it in another. That’s why our experienced local and international team are on the ground to smooth your market entry.

MCAM’s services are tailored to individual client requirements, we maintain close, long-term relationships to ensure commercial success.

We provide the best hands-on support and strategic advice in areas including:

We have experience in all corporate law areas; from registering your company to negotiating contracts, antitrust and trademark issues, employment law, obtaining visas, international commercial transactions and advising you on tax legalities and much more. Have peace of mind and let us help you navigate the complex legal hurdles so often faced by foreign entrepreneurs in Colombia.

Our cutting-edge analysis and forecasting is a fundamental part in advising clients on the right investment strategies. We work with the top industry analysts to produce reports – providing strategic and operational solutions to businesses expanding in Colombia. Profound experience and the latest data-tools allow us to ascertain competition, assess the regulatory and market environment, providing a customised picture that identifies and gauges the risks and opportunities to your business. Our consultants can then develop the most suitable policy actions, specifically for your business to enhance economic success.

Companies don’t just rely on excellent services and products – their reputations are paramount to success and this is dependent on their feat of branding, marketing and public relations efforts. That’s why MCAM have invested in the best media gurus, crisis communication consultants, social media, PR & marketing experts to optimise your public presence and strengthen your reputation and core values.

We know how hard it can be to manage the operational aspects of your company in a foreign country – the ins and outs, the essential cogs of your business to keep it ticking over to success. MCAM offer all the operational support to help get your business up and running, such as: the training and hiring of employees, interim management, 3PL, organisational strategy and planning, project management, invoicing, payment roll and business administration.

The real estate landscape in Colombia is booming, housing prices are rising steadily and there’s an excellent conversion rate between the Colombian Peso and the Dollar. Since foreigners have the same property rights as locals in Colombia, opportunity is huge, but without the right advice, transactions can be complicated in terms of – purchase agreements and proper study of property titles, regulations, language barriers and legal complexities differing to your home country. Our team have expertise in sourcing property, property management and consultancy, transactions, location analysis, civil & structural engineering, quantity surveying, sustainability, buyer representation, asset management and rental administration.

Company Setup


You have the option of different legal vehicles to establish your local business presence in Colombia.

  • Simplified Shares Corporation (SAS)
  • Corporations (SA)
  • Limited Liability Company (Ltda)
  • Limited Partnership (Sociedad en Comandita)
  • Branch of a foreign company


These are broadly characterized into three different structures:

Capital Based Entities

Person Based Entities

Branch of a Foreign Company

Branch of a Foreign Company

Permanent foreign companies are obliged to incorporate a branch or subsidiary in Colombia as a local representation of the foreign company. Branches acts oblige the main foreign company and do not constitute it as a new legal vehicle

Capital Based Entities

Where the capital is the prevailing element, corporation (SA) and Simplified Stock Corporations (SAS)

Person Based Entities

Where the partners personal qualities are considered to be essential elements of the business, Limited Liability companies fall under this category

Our team is willing to solve all your queries and advise you as to what corporation type will best suit your needs and business model. Contact MCAM now for a personalised consultation.

why colombia?

The vast improvement of security conditions in Colombia has restored investor confidence. Foreign Direct investment (FDI) is at an all time high, over 700 multinational companies have launched investment programs in Colombia. The country´s economy is currently the 33rd largest in the world offering strong growth prospects and a positive business environment. The World Bank recently highlighted Colombia as a ‘top reformer’, it ranked the country as 34th in The World Bank’s Ease of Doing Business and 14th in the world for investor protection (top in Latin America) – while Moody and Standard & Poor standardised Colombia’s credit rating at Investment Grade.

The Colombian government actively encourages FDI – a series of political, economic and structural reforms have created a stable and dynamic investment climate – enabling the country to become a thriving market offering prosperity for foreign companies. Colombia now offers excellent fiscal conditions, well-managed monetary institutions, incentives for foreign businesses and attractive money management policies – making business easier, promising growth and providing you with a secure and profitable investment.

Many businesses are using Colombia as the springboard to expand further into the Latin American market, due to its stable and growing economy and the relative ease of incorporating a legal entity in the country.

Colombia is one of the most open markets in Latin America, it’s part of 13 Free Trade Agreements that are in force, plus 8 more that are in the negotiation stage – giving the country access to a market of almost 1,200 billion people.

The most notable FTA’a are:

  • The US-Colombia Free Trade Agreement
  • European Free Trade Association (EFTA)
  • Caribbean Community (Caricom)
  • Group of 3 (G3) – Colombia, Mexico and Venezuela
  • CAN (Custom Union between Bolivia, Colombia and Ecuador)

Colombia is also one of the founding members of the Pacific Alliance, formed in 2012 to promote regional trade and economic integration between Chile, Colombia, Mexico and Peru. The recently signed FTA with the European Union, Peru and Colombia is set to open up markets on both sides, increasing the stability of the trade relationship.

Workers in Colombia are the highest qualified and skilled in Latin America. Colombia has the second most flexible labour market. Education is of a high standard, the literacy rate is around 95% and the unemployment rate is top in the region (at below 10%). Furthermore, the government rewards foreign businesses for employing local workers. You will have access to a strong and solid labour force to build the foundations of your business, taking it to the next level.

Colombia is juxtaposed at a geographically strategic position, between different markets of the Latin American region. Port facilities on both the Pacific and Atlantic oceans facilitate trade with the US, Asia and Europe.

  • Invest securely and profitably
  • Benefit from government incentives in a macroeconomically stable climate
  • Prosper in a dynamic, competitive and attractive domestic market
  • Hold a geographically, strategic position for business across Latin America and the rest of the world
  • Have access to a highly skilled and competitive labour force
  • Excel with opportunities in the region and benefit from the richness of Colombia’s natural resources
  • Be in an environment with an excellent quality of life and multicultural diversity


Early 2000 saw an influx of investors arriving in Colombia, focused on the infrastructure and extractive sectors. In recent years, the investment climate in Colombia has diversified and the country is seeing a wave of foreign direct investment spread across a wide range of business types and industries – due to its solid monetary system, developed infrastructure and sophisticated service and goods industry.

• Oil & Gas

Oil contributes 31% of Colombia’s national revenue, yet it is a limited resource with less than 8 years of reserve life left. For these reasons, the government is committed to helping companies make new discoveries; over 50% of the total territory is unexplored. Its priority is to increase its confirmed oil reserves. There are significant opportunities in the offshore sector.

• Mining

Colombia is the 10th world largest producer of coal. 21.2% of its mining industry is in nickel and 14.6% in gold. There is vast space for investment in this area. The areas close to Bogota, Cundinamarca and Boyaca have over 300 coal mines and produce high quality, sought-after metallurgic coal.

• Tourism

Colombia has become a top holiday destination due to an improvement in security, thriving cities, cultural activities and its diverse landscape that includes two coasts, jungle and mountains. It has an annual movement of 20.5 million passengers. Hospitality services benefit from income tax and Vat deductions. Ecotourism projects are rewarded with a twenty-year income tax exemption. The government also provides a variety of other fiscal incentives and payroll exemptions according to specific requirements.

• Construction

New buildings are springing up all over the country, the urban regeneration sector is prospering. There are opportunities for businesses with expertise in design and project management. The government strongly encourages Public Private Partner ship schemes (PPP) to incentivise investments. New investment opportunities are focused around the construction of offices (warehouse and trade) and housing infrastructure.

• Automotive & Transport

Since 2005 the sales of new vehicles have tripled, the automotive market has exhibited strong growth over the past decade. Spurred by easier access to credit, a drop in vehicle prices, low interest rates and a higher income in Colombian households. Car companies such as GM and Ford are seeing sales surging. There is a gap in the market since the number of vehicles per person in the country is low. Colombia is currently the 4th producer of vehicles in LatAm. There are also significant opportunities in transportation: the top 5 cities require new technologies to expand the bus transport systems and integrate them more fully, the rail system needs to be updated for passengers and cargo and at leas 8 airports will be expanded.

• Outsourcing

Colombia has excellent human talent, economic behaviour, cultural compatibility, competitiveness and government support making it the perfect place for outsourcing. The research and consulting firm, Gartner ratified Colombia in 2014 as one of the best countries for setting up offshoring operations in emerging markets. In the last 20 years, business outsourcing has led foreign investment. Colombia is one of the top countries in LatAm for providing offshore services.

• Education

The government is actively seeking collaborations between public, private institutions and government bodies with foreign high quality education entities. There are opportunities in education consultation, vocational training, English language training and in designing and developing student-friendly cities.

• Technology

Bogota, has been coined as the tech powerhouse of Latin America. Google, Facebook and Microsoft have offices in the capital along with 1,700 software development and IT service companies. The government stands behind innovation and has introduced a number of public initiatives to address venture capital in tech in Colombia. The industry is valued at $6.8 billion and this is expected to accelerate rapidly.

Food & Beverages

This sector has grown rapidly over the last five years, due to an income level increase, which has increased demand for premium products and expanded the consumer base for processed food. The government is introducing strategies to attract new foreign investment in the sector and to modernise the industry. The food and drink sector is estimated to have annual sales of more than USD 21 billion by 2018.

• Financial Services

Colombia has a diversified economy, holding favourable conditions for the development of the financial services industry. Inflation is controlled, the economy is growing and the internal investment rate is close to 30% of the country’s GDP. The Colombian Association of Capital Funds (COLCAPITAL), and the government created the Bancóldex Capital program to promote and strengthen the private equity industry in Colombia. Already large companies have chosen Colombia as a place to invest, including: Aureos Capital, Brookfield and Brilla Group.


Strong prospects and gaps in the market have been identified in the following sectors: biofuels, aquaculture, meat, fruit and vegetable sectors as well as in cocoa, chocolate and confectionary. Colombia is the second country in LatAm with the highest GDP share (6.2%) in the sector. Agricultural exports increased by 32.2% in 5 years. With high precipitation rates, it is fourth worldwide in regards to water availability.

• Renewable Energy

The government hopes that this sector will provide an alternative solution to the energy challenges in the petroleum industry that it is facing. The government is doing everything it can to reduce barriers in the production of renewable energy. There is major hydroelectric potential. Enterprises are rewarded with: income tax deductions for efficient usage of renewable energy sources, VAT exemption for new investments for efficient usage and production of renewable energy, Tariff exceptions for the import of resources, equipment and machinery used exclusively for renewable energy activities.

• Science and Innovation

USD 500 million per annum is invested in science and innovation. Colombia has the highest biodiversity per square meter in the world, here are significant opportunities in biotechnology such as the development of bio-products to serve the following industries: pharmaceuticals and health services, agrochemicals, cosmetics and personal care, drinks and beverages. Bogota is a hub in LatAm for cosmetics and personal care products due the continuous expansion of foreign businesses in this sector and its dynamic export market. In healthcare, there are opportunities to upgrade technology, improve research centres and in health prevention services. Medicine consumption has grown on average 7% per annum between 2009-2014, the pharmaceutical is booming, it employs over 24 billion people in Colombia. The government offers incentives for investing in innovation, such as income tax deductions and exemptions, VAT exemptions and various financing vehicles.

• Creative Services

Colombia’s highly qualified, young and culturally diverse population offers talent and creativity. In the creative sector, Bogota is the top destination of FDI in LatAm, beating Mexico City and Sao Paulo. Digital marketing is growing rapidly and digital media investment is rising at 25% per annum. Start-ups and international advertising companies such as Ogilvy & Mather, Saatchi & Saatchi and JW Thomson have offices in Colombia. The government is particularly interested in offering incentives to publishing companies. There are significant opportunities in the audio-visual market due to great infrastructure and production facilities. International producers such as Fox, Sony Television, RCN and Caracol have setup shop.


In 2013 we established a B2B website looking to pull together local suppliers. In the process we faced tons of challenges in legal terms. These attonernys really helped us to overcome many obstacles easily. S.A.S.CEO

We requested a non-disclosure agreement, which we needed to close an important deal. MCAM provided us with a fast an efficient service, they really helped us not only with the required document, but also with the setup of our business operations in Colombia.


They advised us on setting up our company pretty fast. We run a dropshippers B2B marketplace on the internet and the logistics, shipments, payment gateways, distributor and dropshipper contracts were really overwhelming to figure out all at once. I can’t thank enough these guys.


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